Health Policy
Door Prizes

Vendors may participate in the publicly announced door prize giveaway at the conclusion of the Vendor Expo on Monday. They should complete the “Door Prize” paper form provided at the conference.  Please give the door prize form to a Steering committee member at the center of the Expo on stage, no later than 45 minutes before the close of the Vendor Expo. (You are welcome to give your own unannounced door prizes away directly from your booth.)  

Each vendor may submit one door prize (not required). Submitted door prizes are not guaranteed to be announced and will only be announced at the discretion of the Steering Committee. (time restrictions, inappropriate, etc.) A minimum value of $50 is strongly suggested but not required. These door prizes are designed to be MAJOR giveaways.

Door prizes will be given out on Monday approximately 1/2 hour before the end of the Expo.

Steering Committee members will announce winners over PA system and send the winner back to the vendor's booth to collect the prize.