Door Prizes

Vendors may participate in the publicly announced door prize giveaway at the conclusion of the Vendor Expo on Monday. They should complete the “Door Prize” form handed out during vendor setup.  Vendors are responsible for selecting their winner and collecting the contact info.  Please give the door prize form to a Steering committee member at the center of the Expo on stage, no later than 30 minutes before the close of the Vendor Expo. (You are welcome to give your own unannounced door prizes away directly from your booth.)

Each vendor may submit one door prize (not required).  Submitted door prizes are not guaranteed to be announced and will only be announced at the discretion of the Steering Committee. (time restrictions, inappropriate, etc.)

Door prizes will be given out on Monday approximately 15 minutes before the end of the Expo. Steering Committee member will announce winners over PA system.  Winners will be sent back to your booth to collect their prize from you so they can thank you in person and you can make one more connection with them.

A minimum value of $50 is strongly suggested but not required.

Please keep in mind the eRate Gift Rules:

“In order to provide for a fair and open competitive bidding process, the E-rate rules impose significant restrictions on the direct or indirect solicitation or acceptance of gifts, gratuities, favors, entertainment, loans or any other thing of value by E-rate applicants from service providers or prospective service providers. The rules also significantly restrict the gifts, gratuities, favors, entertainment or any other thing of value that E-rate service providers or prospective service providers can offer or provide E-rate applicants.

As a general matter, the gift rules under the E-rate program permit certain de minimis gifts. Such gifts are limited to the following:

Modest refreshments not offered as part of a meal (e.g., coffee and doughnuts provided at a meeting)
Items with little intrinsic value intended solely for presentation (e.g., certificates and plaques)
Items worth $20 or less (e.g., meals, pencils, pens, T-shirts, and other items worth $20 or less, including meals) as long as those items do not exceed $50 per funding year per employee from any one source. “One source” includes all employees, officers, representatives, agents, independent contractors, and directors of a service provider.

Applicants may not accept gifts with a retail value greater than $20, which include but are not limited to gifts for attending seminars, marketing calls or trainings.

There are certain exceptions to the gift restrictions. We encourage applicants and service providers to review the rules and make sure they are familiar with the requirements and the exceptions.”