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June 4th 2024

Presenting at BrainStorm

If your presentation is chosen by the Steering Committee, you still need to register separately for the conference. Even if you plan to just present, registration is still needed.

(Once again for our submission system for this event you will need to create a new account (not linked to BrainStorm registration or other event's submission site), which will allow you access to a portal so you can submit one or many sessions, as well as come back and revise/update those sessions before the deadline.)

What Attendees Want in a Presentation

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Frequently Asked Questions 

"Who can present?" 

Breakout & Hands-on Session proposals may be submitted by school technology directors, network administrators or other IT personnel and vendors. There is no fee for vendors to present but the vendor must purchase at least one booth at the Expo. Purchasing a booth does NOT guarantee your presentation will be selected. 

"How do I see the details of when/where about my presentation?" 

 You will be notified by the steering committee if your session is chosen. Alternatively you can view the sessions through the the registration site and the mobile app. 

"What is the criteria for choosing presentations?" 

Presentations are chosen based on the following criteria:

Proposals will be reviewed by the Steering Committee. You will be notified upon acceptance of your proposal. 

"Does an engineer or developer need to be present?"

Presenters must be able to answer detailed technical questions about their product/service. Vendors should bring at least one technical person (e.g. engineer, etc.) if the primary presenter is a sales/marketing person. Schools are exempt from providing an "engineer" type presenter but may want to partner with other schools, if needed, to provide a more technical presentation.  

"How long are the sessions?" 

Breakout sessions are 1 hour, or a double breakout is 2 hours 15 minutes. Hands-on sessions are normally 2 hours.  Workshops are full day (8 hours) or 1/2 day (4 hours). If a different length is needed for a hands on session, please contact the steering committee. 

"Can I give away door prizes?"

You are welcome to give away a nominal door prize(s) valued at $25 or less per item. Since many of our speakers are volunteers from school districts we don't want vendors drawing attendees away from other sessions because of the prizes.  Vendors that desire to give away more expensive door prizes are encouraged to do so during the Vendor Expo at their booth and/or by submitting a door prize drawing to be given away at the close of the Expo.

"How much setup time is provided?"

There are 15 min breaks between breakout sessions. Hands-on sessions have several hours prior to their sessions to setup if requested on your session submission.

"Are vendors rated?"

No, we understand that many of you are not professional presenters but have some great information to share with fellow K20 techs. Thus the title of the conference “BrainStorm”. It is all about sharing.

"How many presenters can we have?"

Presentations may include a reasonable amount of secondary speakers. The primary speaker will serve as the contact for all correspondence with the program committee.

"What A/V equipment is provided?"

Additional items can be requested during the CFP process and we will do our best to meet your requests.

"How do I cancel my presentation?"

In the event that a presenter is unable to participate at BrainStorm for reasons including but not limited to: inclement weather, scheduling conflicts, etc., the presenter should contact a Steering Committee member by emailing or calling 800-910-6382 option 0. If a substitute presenter is available to conduct the session, the presenter registration will be transferred to the substitute presenter. The presenter is solely responsible for handling any hotel reservation cancellations, etc., and BrainStorm is not responsible for any loss to the presenter.

"How do I register as a Speaker Only because I will only present and not attend any other part of the conference?"

To register as a "Speaker Only" please email or call 800-910-6382 so our event coordinator can get you qualified and signed up for a "Speaker Only" pass. Use this option if you will only participate in our conference as a speaker but do not plan on attending any other sessions, meals, expo, etc.

"How do I upload my presentation file(s)?"

To upload your files please go to the Upload Presentation Files link that will be available during and after the conference. 

"Are vendors who present required to purchase a booth?"

Yes, vendors who are chosen to present a session are required to purchase a booth or sponsorship. There is no extra charge for presenting. The purchase of a booth does NOT guarantee a speaking slot.

"Who is my audience?"

The attendees are made up of computer techs, network administrators and technology directors mostly from the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. The discussions tend to be on a higher level of tech talk but introductory topics are also welcomed. Be prepared to answer tougher questions and if you are a vendor you are required to bring a knowledgeable engineer along vs. just a salesperson.

Call For Presentations Now Open!

Submit a Presentation
Submission Deadline